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Momoka Gomi

delicate decay over time


As a hands-on designer and maker, Momoka Gomi is fascinated by the skill of weaving. “This slow evolving process mimics our lives; we get wiser and more beautiful as time passes, and that shapes who we are. We can say this is the same for woven fabric; each living thread contributes towards its individual character.”

The techniques and aesthetics for Momoka’s works are developed from the idea of Sakiori — a method of up-cycling worn-out old fabrics in Japan. Her kimono dresser background at the age of 17 has heavily influenced her choices of colours, shapes and how multifunctional these woven works can be, if treated with great care.

At the heart of Momoka’s practice is an interest in memory, how it is recollected in our brain, which only delicately decays over time. She primarily works with cotton yarn and denim fabric to create a time impact on its surface. The distressing process makes each fabric unique; the colour flow is never the same twice. Colours that are often subtle, fading textures, eroded in places to represent our life stories.