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Myra Hutton

pure texture & shade


Myra Hutton’s roots in textiles go way back, her interest captured while at primary school, and since training in Textile Art and Dress & Textile Design she has spent many years both teaching and developing her own textile practice. Twenty years ago, she discovered the versatility of hand- made felt and texturing, which lends itself to her quest for a way to represent the beauty of nature through the medium of textiles.

Inspired by natural surroundings and experiences, Myra seeks to capture the essence and the tactile nature of countryside, place or scene. She has developed her unique approach through a mixture of blending and shading wool fibres as a felt painting, drawing on the hues, shapes and textures of land, sea, and air with the influences of the elements. Myra carefully adds fibres and stitch to create texture, and sees her embellished felted landscapes as a traditional craft with a contemporary twist.

For Felt Luna, her collaboration with Nick Rawcliffe, Myra had to put colour aside and think purely in texture and shade, embracing the way light falls on the textured piece.