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Nick Rawcliffe

fluid and celestial


Nick Rawcliffe’s work crosses design/art boundaries, and he positions himself as jack of all materials and processes. Nick values pieces true to conceptual vision rather than tied by media. ‘Innovations embedded in all my work are firmly rooted in efficiency and sustainability: waste of any kind is painstakingly and pragmatically designed out.’

Creating three-dimensional spaces from two-dimensional forms is a running theme, exemplifying maximisation of value from finite resources and Nick’s knowledge of efficient batch production processes. His work often explores texture and phenomena created by lighting, enjoying illusions that manipulate the brain into incorrect assumptions.

The Felt Luna piece was the fruition of buddying with Myra Hutton during lockdown. Nick felt they could create fascinating, fluid textures for a celestial looking piece, to contrast with the hard textures he had been exploring and was delighted it worked. Creating these innovative tricks and crafting textures in various materials, is for Nick a step into the unknown, a future in form that cannot be investigated or experienced virtually, only exemplified through the realisation of the finished object. The fact that relatively new advances in lighting technology enhance the aesthetic created by age old crafts adds weight to the narrative of their joint exploration.