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Alex O’Connor

movement, stillness and sensations

Instagram: @movingmetal

Song Pouring Vessel and Two Cups, 2020

Sterling silver. Vessel 23 x 9 x 12cm, each cup 5.5 x 7 x 7cm. Unique set. Hallmarked London.


Song Group of Three Vessels, 2018

Sterling silver. Group 35 × 8 × 26 cm. Unique set. Hallmarked London.


Solace Tumblers, 2020

Sterling silver. Each tumbler 8 x 8 x 8cm. Three currently available but more can be commissioned. Hallmarked London.

£1,400 for set of three.

Alex O’Connor is a skilled silversmith, valuing the qualities and malleability of her chosen medium. She says, “Silver is responsive, ‘conversational’ material, it talks to you as you work it. It’s technically demanding yet expressive, capable of conveying movement, stillness, ideas and sensations.” Alex looks to her work as vessels that can sooth the senses.

“The Solace Tumblers were made in response to the first lockdown. My only objective was to create vessels that could soothe the senses, whether through the rounded purity of the form, the minutely chased surface or their ability to contain a comforting drink. They were made to hold and be held.”

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