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Alison Shelton Brown

new ways of thinking


Making with meaning is fundamental to Alison Shelton Brown; being creative to the core, she explores the consequences of the human touch
on our world. Drawing on decades of experimenting with materials, her butter y brain and bowerbird eyes inform intuitive hands that play with those uttering thoughts. Through ceramics, metal and textiles Alison experiments with the tactility of materials, distilling ideas to divine the essence of a form, unveiling a simple joy.

Alison says, ‘Over the past year we’ve struggled to find a way through turbulent waters. Do we swim safely with the current or find our own direction against the tide?’ New ways of thinking emerged for her while investigating discarded materials; pieces were created which adorn and ornament a person or a place. Statement jewellery and mixed media sculpture highlight the plight of the oceans. Sea twine found washed up on nearby beaches tangles with porcelain fish mimicking the world-wide outfoow of detritus and flotsam.

There is often a circularity within Alison’s creative practice: themes long forgotten re-emerge from a chrysalis, while the threads of tangible mark-making, assemblage of multiples, and our impact on the natural world continually weave, embed and cast shadows.