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Jan Bowman

an infinite path


The word kaleidoscope means observer of beautiful things, or an instrument for seeing beautiful shapes. Through her installation Kaleidoscope, Jan Bowman builds on a long and varied career as a woven textile designer and conceptual artist. She invites viewers into an intimate, unpredictable, shifting mosaic of rich pattern, colour, texture and process, singular and multi-faceted. Jan aims to evoke medleys of thoughts and emotions, a chameleon-like experience, echoing the shifting sands of individual life experience.

Jan has a high level of craftsmanship, committed to continually pushing the boundaries of her chosen discipline, weaving. Her ethos is inspired by the excellence of making which is evident in the works of Japanese master craftspeople in many disciplines. Mentors and peers have given extremely valuable input to Jan’s thinking and practice. Quality materials are essential, and she’s grown her understanding of their natures and unique qualities.

Jan is prepared to take costly risks throughout her discovery process; brain, heart, body and spirit are involved in this journey. Jan feels that excellence is not perfection, saying, “You never arrive. It’s the pursuit of an infinite path.”